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Alpine Muffy Music Hearing Protection

Alpine Muffy Music Hearing Protection

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Hearing protection


Research done by Modern Drummer shows that a rimshot on the drums can cause up to 120 dB. These drum beats can directly lead to hearing damage and, therefore, it is important to wear hearing protection when playing the drums. Other musicians should also protect their ears while playing an instrument or rehearsing in a band or stage performance. Alpine developed EarMuffs for drummers and offers many other ear protection solutions for musicians.

Technical features:

  • A tailor-made solution for drummers, usable by any musician
  • Extremely comfortable thanks to the soft band
  • S/R 25dB
  • Adjustable width
  • Robust and durable materials, proven quality
  • Foldable, easy to take with you
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 240 x 150 x 100mm
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