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NUX MP-2 Mighty Plug Pro

NUX MP-2 Mighty Plug Pro

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Wireless transmitter

Mighty Plug: Guitar/Bass Jack Plug-ins, Effects, Amp Models, Cabinet Simulators, Drum Machines, BT, Free App. All in an ultra-compact arsenal!

Technical features:

  • Choose the mode: Guitar or Bass
  • Guitar mode: 3 Channels + Acoustic Guitar simulator
  • Each of the three electric channels includes: 1 Noise gate, 7 stompbox effects, 9 amp models, 8 IR cabinets for electric, 6 modulation effects, 4 delays, 4 reverbs
  • Acoustic simulator includes: 7 acoustic guitar IR models, 2 acoustic amp models, 6 modulation effects, 4 delays, 4 reverbs
  • Bass mode offers: 3 channels, 6 modulation effects and 25 varieties of effects in total
  • Bluetooth 4.2: Audio mode to play along with your favorite tracks / App mode to customize and save your presets via smartphone
  • Integrated audio streaming function to connect directly to your computer via Micro B USB cable and be ready to record immediately
  • Built-in drum machine with 10 drum patterns + metronome
  • Headphone output
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery and Eco mode for energy saving (3 hours duration)
  • Free Mighty App (Windows/iOS)
  • Guitar and Bass Mode
  • Acoustic Guitar Simulator with Impulse Response Acoustic Guitar Emulation
  • 13 Amplifier Models
  • 20 IR (Speaker Cabinet and Acoustic Guitar)
  • 19 types of effects
  • Noise Gate
  • NUX TS/AC True Analog Circuit Simulation
  • Physical Amplifier Modeling Algorithm
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (3 hours duration)
  • Two-mode Bluetooth 4.2
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