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Soundsation JDK100 Black children's drum set

Soundsation JDK100 Black children's drum set

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Drum Set for Children

The SOUNDSATION JDK100 series is the ideal line of drums for the practice of little ones. Thanks to its small size, it is the perfect choice for children under 120cm in height. The kit has everything you need: kick, 2 toms, floor tom, snare, 8" hi-hat and 10" crash and even includes a stool and a pair of drumsticks!

Technical features:

  • Poplar shells with linear response
  • Coated finishes
  • Toms fixing system with "mini size" arms
  • JDK 100 Series Hardware
  • Double tie rod blocks
  • Skins Soundsation
  • Black colour
  • Shell dimensions: Toms 8", 10" - Floor tom 12" – Drum 16” – Snare 10”
  • Poplar shells
  • Tom fixing system with adjustable "Mini-size" arms
  • Chrome Soundsation® tuners
  • Double Pull Blocks (Chrome Finish) – 2 x 4 on Toms, Floor Tom, Snare and Kick
  • Hi-Hat Stand: HSJ-100
  • Snare Stand: SSJ-100
  • Bass Drum Pedal: BPJ-100
  • Cymbal Stand: CSJ-100
  • Plates, stool and chopsticks included
  • Black colour
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