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Audio Design Digi Live 12

Audio Design Digi Live 12

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DIGI Live 10 - 12 – 15 is a family of two-way bi-amplified speakers, designed for wide professional uses and a range of portable or fixed installations such as: live music, speech, broadcasting.

Equipped with hybrid amplification (Class-D for the Woofer and Class AB for the driver), DIGI Live provides exceptional sound pressure, which allows you to manage high-profile musical situations. The surprising and innovative AD DSP includes 5 Pre-sets that allow an easy response to every musical need, offering high levels of performance and reliability. The frequency response configuration pre-sets include detailed and accurate models dedicated to vocals, acoustic music, live use and much more.

On the rear amplifier module, an interface appears consisting of an LCD display and a rotary "Alpha Dial" (with push effect for confirming the desired data), for selecting the Pre-sets, volume control, EQ. For connections and other controls, XLR/Jack combo input, Line/Mic selector, ground lift and an XLR and Jack output link

Technical features:

  • Max Power: 1350W
  • Max SPL: 128 dB 1m
  • ​Woofer ("/cm): 12” / 32
  • Tweeter (mm): 34
  • Frequency response (Hz): 45-20,000
  • DSP + 5 Presets
  • ​Dimensions WxDxH (cm): 44x38x66
  • Weight (Kg): 18.0
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