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Second generation of mixer for the “PMX” series. Continuous research in technical terms and design has led the Audiodesign team to a new product revolution. The new “PMX” features high-performance preamps on the microphone channels, an expansion of digital effects and a new USB/BT group with Class-compliant USB for plug-and-play support on Mac, PC, Smartphone. Reliable, completely made of metal, with ABS reinforced sides. The PMX.211 TK and PMX.411 TK models have an exclusive feature, namely the possibility of an "optical" input (Toslink) . This connection, which can be activated with a special button, gives the possibility of a connection with a Smart TV and is therefore ideal for example for Karaoke or for amplifying the TV's audio in public environments.

Technical features:

  • 2-4-6 Mono Mic Inputs (XLR) / LINE IN (Balanced Jack)
  • 1 Stereo Line Input (Unbalanced Jack)
  • 1 USB/BT input or PC / MAC connection
  • (Sound Card In-Out function)
  • EQ +/- 15 dB (Treble 15 KHz - Mid 2.5 KHz - Bass 80 Hz) on all inputs
  • Peak indicator on Mono and Stereo inputs
  • Adjustment of the effects level on the Mic and Line channels
  • Adjusting the effects level on the Main
  • Multi effect DSP 24 effects including 4 types of Reverb
  • Power supply + 48V Phantom
  • Stereo Main Output (balanced XLR and unbalanced Jack)
  • FX/Aux output (unbalanced jack) with level adjustment - Stereo headphones output (stereo jack) with level adjustment - Jack 3.5 Mic input (in parallel to Ch 2)
  • 5V USB power supply
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