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Trazzi wands

Trazzi wands

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Handcrafted chopsticks

  • made of white hornbeam with wooden tip
  • models 10A/ 60B/ 2D/ 1D/ S1/ 2A are made of black hornbeam (lighter and with maple essence to give a clearer sound to the ball tips of the sticks).
  • natural or painted of your choice
  • material that does not flake but gets dented
  • the sound always remains the same over time, the wand does not become deaf
  • equal sound between the two sticks and perfectly straight.

Available models:

  • 5A
  • 5AB
  • 5B
  • 7A
  • 8A
  • 10A
  • 2B
  • 4B
  • 60B
  • 62A
  • D5
  • SB4
  • 4A
  • 1 Q
  • 2D
  • S1
  • 2A
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