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BackVox PB-01 PedalBoard with Power Supply

BackVox PB-01 PedalBoard with Power Supply

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Pedalboard for Effects with Power Supply

PB-01 can accommodate up to 4/6 pedals (depending on size) and the integrated power supply underneath it powers them all without bulky and expensive external solutions. Under the pedalboard there is space to keep the wiring tidy and easily connect the pedals, preserving the clarity of the sound!

Technical features:

  • Built-in Backvox PS-04 power supply with 9 independent and isolated outputs
  • 7 isolated 9V outputs, 1 12V output, 1 18V output, all 200 mA
  • 1 5V/500 mA USB output to power smartphones and tablets
  • Includes padded bag for optimal protection during transport
  • Equipped with comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Extra strong and durable material
  • Pedalboard dimensions: 39 x 13 x 5cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
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