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BackVox PB-04 Power Supply

BackVox PB-04 Power Supply

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power supply

Backvox Straps PS-04 is a stabilized power supply for pedal effects.

Technical features:
  • 9 independent and isolated outputs, highly performing and silent
  • 7 isolated 9V outputs, 1 12V output, 1 18V output
  • Each output provides 200 mA
  • 1 5V/500 mA USB output to power smartphones and tablets
  • 9 LEDs indicate whether each output is activated or not
  • Ultra-Compact Dimensions
  • Made with high quality components
  • Silent, light and efficient
  • Power supply: DC 18V - 1000 mA, center negative (Power supply included)
  • Dimensions: 161.5mm (D) × 37.5mm (W) × 18mm (H)
  • Weight: 90g
  • Included: 18V transformer, 8 power cables for connection to the effects, double-sided velcro
  • Product code: PS-04
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