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Transverse Flute Soundsation SFL-10 SILVER

Transverse Flute Soundsation SFL-10 SILVER

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Transverse Flute in C

To study the SFL-10 transverse flute, the first steps are essential. For the convenience of the student, it was created to produce a rich and beautiful sound from the first moments. Stainless steel guarantees resistance to impacts and humidity. The off-line G and the articulated E allow you to play quickly and easily. SFL-10 with all the necessary accessories, is the perfect instrument for those starting to play.

Technical features:

  • Constructed in Nickel-Silver
  • Silver plated finish
  • 16 closed hole keys with G out of line
  • Jointed E mechanism
  • Cleaning brush and cloth included
  • Lightweight and durable soft case with external pocket included.
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