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MXR Noise Clamp - M195

MXR Noise Clamp - M195

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Pedal effect

As you push your pedals to the extremes, the MXR Noise Clamp will reduce excessive hiss, documenting your guitar signal. Thanks to the Trigger knob, you can set the volume threshold of the pedal and an LED shows you if the Noise Clamp is on. Up to -26dB of noise reduction, the Noise Clamp maintains the definition of your riffs even at the highest volumes. Stay silent without sacrificing sound!

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  • Eliminate hiss and excess noise from your effects chain
  • A single Trigger knob sets the volume threshold
  • Capable of reducing noise by 26dB
  • Maintains the definition of your riffs at extreme gain levels
  • Dimensions: 114.3 x H63.5 x 139.7 mm
  • Weight: 381g
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