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Electronic drums

NUX collaborates with the famous head brand Remo to equip the DM-7X with excellent knitted heads. Thanks to the sophisticated Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim), the DM-7X is equipped with the 10" NDP-10 snare and 8" NDP-8 toms, which make for a more accurate and realistic experience. The velocity sensitive pads and cymbals offer an accurate, natural and precision response. The DM-7X also features 30 pre-sampled studio kits and a customizable sound library, to produce realistic and expressive drum sounds. Practice mode offers recording and 5 tips

Technical features:

  • Mesh heads by Remo
  • Curved and elegant design, easy to install and set up with the Quick Disassembling Cymbal Arm Lock system
  • Customizable sound library
  • Record and play along with the backing tracks
  • The teaching function allows you to choose between 5 different practice methods
  • Dual-Triggering Technology (skin and rim)
  • Advanced velocity-sensitive function to best calibrate the trigger response of the pads and cymbals
  • 3x Tom, 1x snare, 1x hi-hat, 2x crash, 1x ride, 1x hi-hat control, 1x kick, 1x kick pedal
  • Headphone Out, Output, Power In, USB MIDI, Ausx in, Tom4 Trigger In
  • MIDI via USB
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