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NUX NCP-2 Sculputre Compressor

NUX NCP-2 Sculputre Compressor

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Pedal effect

NUX Sculpture is ideal for maintaining control over the sound spectrum. Cleans up louder notes and offers additional sustain to single coils! With two modes - Clean and Clip - and a wide compression range, it provides the smooth compression ideal for humbuckers, while the Clip mode offers more aggressive compression for genres with stiff dynamics. You can mix compressed and uncompressed signals thanks to the Blend option, and choose between True Bypass or Buffer as the Bypass mode. Excite your audience with NUX Sculpture!

Technical features:

  • 2 compression modes: Clean/Clip
  • Blend circuit to adjust the transparency of the compressor
  • 2 Bypass Modes: True Bypass/Buffer Bypass
  • Simple but effective controls (Sustain, Level, Blend)
  • Illuminated knobs for visibility on dark stages
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Power supply: 9V, 90mA power supply (negative pole)
  • Dimensions: 94 x 51 x H53mm
  • Weight: 174g
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