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AudioDesign PMU 501 AN

AudioDesign PMU 501 AN

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Condenser microphone with wireless jack receiver

​The microphone has a strap that allows it to be used as if it were a Lavalier but also has a quick release system that allows you to do an interview. It connects directly to a mixer, a speaker or an Android smartphone

Technical features:

  • Automatic transmitter receiver connection.
  • Working frequency: 560-579 MHz
  • Channels: 48 Transmission power 10dbM
  • Condenser microphone
  • 3.7 V - 400 mA Lithium batteries
  • Frequency response: 50-15,000 Hz
  • Power supply: USB 5V 500 mA-1A
  • Working distance: 30m
  • Included: USB cable --> micro USB - 3.5 Jack adapter --> 6.3 Jack and Splitter for Android Smartphone
  • Can be used with IOS devices with adapter not supplied
  • Up to 10 systems can be used simultaneously.
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